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Youtube Culture

There have been a ton of really great advancements in recent years and I think that through the internet we have seen so many great things and achievements in all sorts of different fields come about, but of course some websites stand above the rest of the herd and that one site that stands above everyone just so happens to be the site that was created by everyone, and that website is YouTube. YouTube is a cultural revolution of internet content creation and I think that a lot of people don’t give YouTube the credit that it deserves as one of the most innovative and all around awesome websites that has completely changed the world and I know that a lot of people know exactly what I am talking about and that is awesome that other people understand the type of enthusiasm that I have as well as other people have about a site like YouTube because whether you like it or not it changed the world, and it is this change that we are going to talk about through a lot of these articles, and that is really only able to brush the surface of what YouTube has done for our culture in general, and I know that the world would be a much different place if YouTube never existed, and it is kind of funny to think about, and if you do think about it in a Wonderful Life sense as if YouTube never existed the world actually would be a much different probably much more negative place than it is today, and what is so hilarious is that when it also comes down to a lot of the content that we have created throughout the past ten years or so we can see that so many people have turned to YouTube to be and broadcast their creative ability and without it so many people would still be lost and not know how or where to express themselves, but that is exactly why YouTube has been so good for creative people because it has given all of us a chance to see what people think about what we do and that is probably one of the most important things that any of us could ever ask for.

I think that when we start to think about the change that YouTube created for the entire world we have to start think about music because a lot of us get on YouTube solely for the purposes of listening to music because it really is an endless matrix of any type of music that you would ever want to listen to, and I know that a lot of people are not interested in a lot of the videos on YouTube but just want to listen to that one particular song that they really like listening to and they know it is only a couple clicks away on YouTube just like pretty much anyone else if you know exactly what you want to look up.

So let’s talk about a couple of really popular YouTube channels for a couple minutes in this particular blog because for some reason I promised the readers that I would talk about some channels in particular even though I think it is more fun just to ramble on about how cool YouTube is from a subjective point of view, but let’s talk about Russell Brand’s The Trews YouTube page and I think that this is one of the best YouTube channels in the world right now because it is not only very relevant, it does talk about the real news and then critiques it tremendously, but it also has one of the best hosts that anyone could ever ask for in Russell Brand. I think there is something really special about Russell Brand and a lot of people agree with me partly because he is such a good speaker and able to inspire millions of people through his YouTube videos, and he is all about doing things for free and making information limitless and it is something that he truly believes and I think that if you can watch any channel on the vastness of YouTube it should be The Trews because you will learn something every time and you will laugh and you will get to hear Brand speak, and that is special all in itself.  


Follow Your Dreams Online

When it comes to the internet I think a lot of us are still a little bit confused as to what the future holds for all of us web surfers alike, and I think that when we don’t know what the future is going to hold then we kind of get a little bit nervous, but it is the type of emotion that keeps us on our toes and a little bit excited for what the future might hold, but as always we don’t know exactly where all of our lives are going anyways so that should keep us on our toes as well, and if you do know exactly where you are going to be in five years then maybe you should reconsider the ways in which you are living your life because your life already sounds really boring.

But having said that if you have a goal or a dream of where you want to be in five years then that is completely different and I don’t want to slam anyone for going after their dreams because that is the best and most important thing that any of us can ever be doing with our lives and that to me is the sole purpose of being alive, and of course surfing the internet on sites like YouTube. YouTube really is the type of site that changed the world forever and now in today’s age I really can not think of too many times that I get online and do not go straight to YouTube or maybe Facebook and I would say that every time that I get online I am probably going to one of these two sites at least once, and that just goes to show how popular these websites have become in recent years, and what is so crazy is that this entire trend in popularity for these sites started just a little over ten years ago, and to think how far the internet and these two pages have come go hand in hand because websites like YouTube really are the progress charts for how advanced and how far the internet in general has come, and I think a lot of us sometimes forget how innovative and important YouTube was and still is to the growth of the world wide web, and maybe YouTube sometimes gets a bad reputation but of course it is up for anyone to see and should definitely be monitored in terms of little kids being on YouTube, but of course it is such an expansive site that too many people have access to and that is exactly what makes it such an exciting place to go on the internet in general.

So maybe you aren’t that big of a YouTube fan and you go to other sites when you are online, or maybe you actually are completely obsessed with YouTube and you go on YouTube just about every day of your life then you have come to the right spot online that is not YouTube because throughout all of this entire blog we are going to talk about YouTube and some of the more popular channels on the site that have become really innovative themselves because the truth of the matter really is that the more innovative that humans get in general the more innovative YouTube will become and that is part of what is so fascinating. YouTube is only as good as the content that is uploaded to it so that technically means that YouTube is only as good as the people who upload content up to YouTube, which is all of us, so really YouTube is only as good as the entire human population is, and if that doesn’t motivate you to make a viral video on YouTube I don’t know what will, and to be honest I really like YouTube but it could be better, and I think as time progresses we will see a lot of other progressions through sites like YouTube as well.

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Internet Is A Wild Place

Now for the most part the internet is a wild and crazy place full of excitement, pornography and a whole bunch of other sites that have a bunch of promise to them and some that are absolutely pointless in every way of the word, and then there are sites kind of like YouTube or YouTube itself, and I think that when it comes down to it there are not many other sites that can match the magnitude that YouTube has done to the internet and the entire world wide web because YouTube has definitely become completely international and users from all over the world are constantly viewing and uploading content at rapid speeds, and I can’t imagine what type of bandwidth they have but it might just be the largest in the entire world because it literally is one of the most viewed websites on the entire internet and for good reason. It’s a search engine for video content, and any type of content really, but the facts of the mater are that when it comes to YouTube anything is possible.

And I think most of us completely understand that anything or nothing at all is possible with YouTube and it definitely has changed the way in which we listen to music and the ways in which we consume a lot of our media because now that everyone knows that most people are on YouTube when they are on the internet a lot of content providers are trying to get their content in front of people’s eyeballs and they’ve also realized that everyone’s eyeballs or on YouTube and so that has lead to a lot of mainstream musicians and other big time companies getting creative and publishing tons of content on YouTube just to try to reach out to their audiences and maybe make a quick buck or two, but I do not think that the pay rate for a popular YouTube can really compare to actually selling copies of music or anything like that, but for the most part a lot of people who make viral YouTube videos most likely didn’t put all that much money into them, but of course that is not always the case at all and actually a ton of people are constantly doing things to help out their own personal brands on YouTube because they know that there is an endless amount of potential all over that site and that is just beginning to blossom and become close to its full potential in recent years and there is absolutely no reason to believe at all that to believe that the momentum that YouTube has created for itself is going to slow down.

And I know that for the most part all of us are going to be in the same boat come 10 years from now except YouTube might be even more of a popular site and I really hope that it doesn’t become a paid thing but the thing is that if it were affordable I am sure that a lot of people would pay good money to use YouTube’s services as a site, but that has been the beauty of YouTube from the beginning and that is that everything is free and that your dreams really can come true when it comes down to what you can put on YouTube, and I think some people might lose sight of that as years go by but for the most part I think that a lot of people are going to stay true to what YouTube has always been about and I think that for the most part we will be in good shape if YouTube stays true to itself and its true purposes in this world, and if that is the case then we will have nothing to worry about in terms of the future of the internet at all.


Gain Credibility Online

There are a ton of great sites all over the internet and of course the entire world wide web is pretty much endless these days and there are so many different sites that are constantly being sprouted up out of thin air and put online, and now in today’s times making websites has never been easier so literally everyone is now making their own web pages and doing everything to make sure that they have some kind of credibility online, and I think this is really important to a lot of people because in today’s age it seems like everyone needs their own personal web page or at least they need some kind of professional presence online, and the facts of the matter are that when we decide what we are technically supposed to do with ourselves we just can’t go right into something online and start creating and then see where it goes and maybe become famous or gain notoriety, unless we have a pretty cool game plan like a lot of people actually have done in the past through sites like YouTube.

Now we have all heard some of the rags to riches stories that have occurred in the music industry with certain people who have come out of nowhere on YouTube and then created followings for themselves and then rose to fame and are now icons in popular culture, and they probably still are very active on YouTube or at least they should be because they wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for YouTube. Of course YouTube is the site that we are going to talk about most on these articles, and it really is the ways in which YouTube changed the world that interests me the most more than anything else, but of course YouTube has become an endless matrix of pages and videos and other forms of entertainment and media that is really has become this entire niche on the internet that is bigger and more fun than any other niche on the web.

This is really a remarkable website and everyone who uploads content to YouTube understands just how awesome it feels to create something and then have people watch it and enjoy it, so I think that YouTube is first and foremost a really fun user site because technically it is all about the user, but of course it is also free as anything and you can definitely say that the audiences or the consumers of YouTube have a lot of clout because they literally can decide on just about anything that they would want to see or view and that is something that I think any consumer could ever dream about, and it is kind of crazy to think about what people from the past would think of a site like YouTube, and they would probably be absolutely amazed that we have access to so much information, music and literally anything just through one really special domain name.

Now of course we aren’t just here to suck the dick of YouTube although it is probably one of the best metaphorical penises on the entire internet to suck on, but before we really gross everyone out let’s just briefly mention that the goal of all of these articles is to push people forward to have them asking and answering their questions about YouTube and what is the most popular and best thing to go see on the site, because when it comes down to it YouTube can be a little overwhelming because you literally have the entire world at your fingertips and you can look up anything just like you can look up anything on the web, which has made YouTube one of the most popular sites on the entire web and is partly the reason why I think it is one of the best sites ever. Of course there are a lot of great channels that still a lot of people know about but a lot of other people don’t know about so what we are going to do is talk about some of these pages and get the world on the same page as some of these great YouTube channels, and that would be pretty cool.


Alright, so everyone who has been alive and not in a coma in the past ten years or so has heard about YouTube, and I think that when it comes down to it this website has definitely changed everything about the internet and has probably been the most interactive and revolutionary site the internet has ever had the privilege of hosting, and what is so epic about YouTube is that no matter who you are you have definitely heard of YouTube and the fact that it is so gosh darn popular throughout everywhere has made it an all encompassing website that in many ways has boosted the internet and in other ways has pretty much ruined everything and every time of artistic vision because now everyone wants to get their entertainment for free through YouTube. Now, of course we all know that YouTube provides a lot of incentives for some of the big musical artists to post their videos to the site and people definitely do get paid when their videos go viral, but I mean you have to be honest with ourselves and say that pretty much everything from a consumer’s perspective on YouTube is absolutely free, and that is part of what has made this website such an amazing feat for all of human kind, and it’s part of the reason why YouTube is one of my favorite sites on the entire web. Now it’s kind of funny to think about the years like 2005 or 2006 when YouTube was just a baby as to what it is now, and what is so funny is that this wasn’t even that long ago, but I do remember a time when I would get on the internet and not ever go to YouTube and I didn’t even know that much about it and I didn’t really see that much of a use for it because at the time I wasn’t making any home videos of my own or anything like that and I also think that a lot of people hadn’t come to the realization that there was a lot of potential on YouTube, or at least the site hadn’t reached its full potential as of 2005. Of course we would think of sites like YouTube as something new and hip and I don’t think any of us really knew back in 2006 just how popular and revolutionary YouTube was going to become and now it is one of the most visited sites on the entire internet along with Amazon and Facebook, so I think it is pretty safe to say that YouTube has been a huge success.


While this whole site is kind of about YouTube and everything that is really good with it we are going to take a little bit different of an approach and we are going to start talking about some of the best YouTube channels out there and which YouTube channels have the most subscribers and why, and of course that will lead to a lot of mainstream pages as well as some really strange pages that for some reason have millions upon millions of subscribers. But overall I think it is safe to say that YouTube changed the internet and the world in such a crazy way and I think there might not be quite another site or web revolution like the YouTube revolution, and that is definitely something that we all need to take into consideration because when we look back on the history of the internet and the times that we are having right now we are definitely going to be talking about sites like YouTube and how sites like YouTube helped change the world and our entire culture, and I think what we will see is that there have been a lot of positive as well as negative changes that have occurred through the emergence of sites like YouTube, and it is our job in these articles to decipher what those changes are, and that is exactly what we are going to discuss throughout this entire list of articles, but of course we are going to do so in as objective of a perspective as possible, and this may be a little bit hard to do but we will try to do our very best for you, the readers of this blog, so that you can have a better idea of how exactly YouTube changed the entire world.